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Forskningslogg nr 5: Att värdera kontoret
2009/04/16, 17:43
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När jag läste Alain de Bottons  ode till kontoret (”seat of pleasure, desire and self-esteem”) slog det mig att när jag skrivit om min arbetsplats har det handlat om flykten från den: till arbetsron på arkivet och biblioteket. Men han har rätt, de Botton: det som jag med mitt nya favorituttryck kallat nollte uppgiften kanske jag ska omstöpa i en slags kontorets sociologi och betrakta mitt arbete på min arbetsplats som en myras i en myrstack (eller, nu när jag tänker på det, som en del i ståndssamhällets samhällsmodell): var och en med sin uppgift, nöjd när man utfört den. Det låter hemskt när jag skriver det, men som de Botton uttrycker sig så kan man inte annat än att se skönheten i overheadpresentationen: 

Though we think of the point of work as being primarily about money, these dark economic times only emphasise the extent to which generating money is an excuse to do other things, to rise from bed in the morning, to talk authoritatively in front of overhead projectors, to plug in laptops in hotel rooms and to chat in the office kitchen. Long before we ever earned any money, we were aware of the necessity of keeping busy: we knew the satisfaction of stacking bricks, pouring water into and out of containers and moving sand from one pit to another, untroubled by the greater purpose of our actions. To view our upcoming meetings as being of overwhelming significance, to make our way through conference agendas marked ”11am to 11.15am: coffee break” and not think too much about the wider purpose – maybe all of this, in the end, is the particular wisdom of the office.

Office work distracts us, it focuses our immeasurable anxieties on a few relatively small-scale and achievable goals, it gives us a sense of mastery, it makes us respectably tired, it puts food on the table. It keeps us out of greater trouble.

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